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Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick with Mindfulness Techniques

Well, hello 2017! How YOU doin’? Are you looking at 2017 all googly eyed and hopeful, full of resolutions and dreams of what the year is going to bring your way? Or are you feeling a little tired, and worried, about NOT keeping your resolution to lose weight – fearing that things may go the other direction…

Weight Management Resolution? It’s Not a Diet!

So you woke up on the first day of the year and resolved to eat healthier this year so you can finally have that solid weight management relationship you have been striving for. First of all, GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously, you rock – it’s a big deal to recommit to weight management and total health. And,…

Eating Disorder Recovery: 3 Signs That Your Slip has Become a Slide

Achieving eating disorder recovery is a noble task – and completely do-able. It takes courage; it takes knowledge; it takes a serious dose of awareness. I’m talking eating disorder recovery from any eating disorder – binging, restricting, over-exercising, overeating, under-eating, you name it. If you have any of these behaviors, even a little bit, and you want recovery,…

Self-Care Techniques to Beat the Winter Blues

Did you know that January is the most depressed month of the year? Fear not, we can help those statistics in a snap! Cue SELF-CARE to solve the winter blues. Things seem to fall into disarray during the winter – and that includes our commitment to overcoming our struggles with food and weight. It’s darker, it’s…

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