Jaimie Oliver-Masiello, LMHC


Assistant Clinical Director

Jaimie is incredibly excited to be fulfilling what she believes to be her life’s purpose at Beacon. As someone who has been fortunate enough to experience the gift of recovery, Jaimie believes that it is her life’s mission to help others actualize their full life’s potential. Jaimie maintains that humor and irreverence make the journey all the more bearable 🙂 This is why you will always see her smiling face around The Beacon!

Jaimie earned her Master’s Degree from Hofstra University. Prior to Beacon, Jaimie worked in the psychiatric hospital setting, specializing in providing recovery services for individuals with serious mental illness. A self-identified, “research-nerd”, Jaimie also has years of academic research experience in the field of eating disorders.

In her free time, Jaimie loves to spend time with her adorable nieces and her rescue dog Toby. Jaimie is also a cosmetic lover and cannot go a season without a new lipstick from MAC.


Jaimie Oliver-Masiello, LMHC