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We are here to help you find sustainable and long-term solutions to your struggles with Compulsive Overeating, Emotional Eating and Food Addiction. Stop the cycle and learn how to stay stopped.

A better life is waiting.

This is not your typical weight loss or eating disorder program. Let this be the last time you’re struggling with diet drama and diet trauma. Let us help you find your solution.

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About Us

We know you have tried everything. Beacon is the help you have been looking for. Food and weight struggles require help with food, feelings, behaviors and skills to keep it all going. That’s a lot to manage.

This is the precise reason we invented Beacon: to offer one-stop-shop, comprehensive treatment to solve these problems once and for all. You may have gone to nutritionists who can only help you with the food. They aren’t trained to help you with your behaviors, how to manage your feelings or make these skills stick. This leads you down the road to frustration and failure. Again.

Or, you may have gone to a therapist who will talk about your feelings, and a bit about your behaviors, but won’t talk about your food and eating behaviors in a way that helps you to find success. This can lead to years “on the couch” feeling stuck and hopeless.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a hybrid? A team of behavioral therapists who specialize in helping you manage your food, regulate your feelings, AND change behaviors? A team who is completely and totally committed to YOU and to helping you find sustainable solutions to your issues with food and weight?

Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to Beacon.

In the five years since opening, we have become a nationally recognized leader in helping people find solutions to their food and weight issues. Our groundbreaking combination of: nutritional support and education, harm-reduction framework, and DBT-informed behavioral therapy will transform your long-standing struggles into long-term success.

We are here to help ANYONE struggling with food and weight. Let us help you find your solution.

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